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China Standardizatio China Standardization 2021-06-03

CHINA SCENE中国视窗-Guiding the construction of standards system for smart transport


EXCHANGE & COOPERATION国际交流与合作-Highlights / 热点新闻

SPOTLIGHT聚光灯-Standardization highlights of “Two Sessions” 2021 2021全国两会标准“好声音”

SPOTLIGHT聚光灯- Standardization tasks in the 14th Five-Year Plan period “十四五”期间标准化工作任务

SPOTLIGHT聚光灯- Voice about standards in “Two Sessions” 全国两会代表、委员谈标准

SPECIAL REPORT特别报道- Taking a bird's eye view of 2021 Standardization Work Plan in China今年全国标准化工作要点概览

GLOBAL VISION国际视野- ISO publishes new standard for compliance management ISO发布合规管理新标准

GLOBAL VISION国际视野- 2021 Qingdao Forum on International Standardization青岛国际标准化论坛即将召开

FEATURES 特-色SAMR releases legislative work plan for 2021国家市场监督管理总局印发2021年立法工作计划

RESEARCH & EXPLORATION研究与探索- Representation of residual stress symbol in the technical product documentation技术产品文件中残余应力符号的表示方法

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