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The meeting on enterprise standard "forerunner" system held
China Standardization 2022-04-05

The 2022 High-quality Development Exchange Meeting, which is also the press conference on the "forerunners" of enterprise standards was held online on March 30. The conference was jointly held by China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS) and China Association for Standardization (CAS).

Zhao Penggao, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Resource Conservation and Environmental Protection, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Xiao Han, Deputy Director-General of Standards Technical Management Department of SAMR, Bo Yumin, former Deputy Director-General of the Department of Certification Supervision and Management of SAMR, Yu Xinli, President of China Association for Standardization, Li Zhiping, Vice-President of CNIS, Deng Qingxu, CEO of Sina Finance, and other experts attended the meeting and made speeches.

Representatives from China Consumers Association, the Resource and Environment Sub-Institute of CNIS and other relevant organizations gave speeches on the themes of low-carbon and the enterprise standard "forerunner" system.
Based on the evaluation of 145 appraisal agencies, the list of "forerunner" enterprises was announced, consisting of 381 types of products and services, 867 enterprises and 1,231 standards. Twenty-nine appraisal agencies are awarded for their outstanding contribution, and 59 winners are certificated "forerunners", covering 23 companies and 215 products.

The enterprise standard "forerunner" system is an effective method to meet the requirements of the Outline for National Standardization Development and the Action Plan of Building High-standard Market System. Given that enterprise standards tend to be stricter and more flexible than national standards and sectoral standards, it can swiftly cater to consumers' demands and facilitate technological innovation.

Attendees shared their experience in how standards, technologies, enterprises and brands lead the development towards a low carbon future. They further discussed how to further provide advanced standards and implement the enterprise standard "forerunner" system. The meeting boosted the process of leading high-quality development with high standards, and provided methods on how to create an eco-friendly, low-carbon consumption pattern.

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