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Plans for implementing the Outline - Hebei province
China Standardization 2022-09-20

Hebei province issued the opinions on implementing the Outline on December 7, 2021. By 2025, it will realize in-depth standardization development in all respects and a full coverage of standards in key areas based on its 6 standards systems.

Targets in figures

· Realize the standardization of more than 80 percent of agricultural production, develop over 600 local standards, and participate in the development of over 1,000 international, national and sectoral standards.

· Raise the rate of standard research achievements to over 50 percent, which are obtained from projects of common and key technologies and applied science & technology plans, make full use of the advantages of market-oriented standards, greatly reduce the period of local standards development, and continuously improve the digital level of standards.

· Improve the international level of standards, strengthen the role of standards in foreign trade, and basically establish an integrated NQI system to serve industrial development.

Major tasks

◆ Accelerate the interactive development of standardization and technical innovation by strengthening standards development in key technical fields and driving standards upgrading with technical innovation.

◆ Facilitate modern industrial development via standardization, such as strengthening industrial infrastructure, promoting industrial transformation and development, and improving industrial chain and supply chain.

◆ Strengthen the standardization of green development, including optimizing the construction and protection of ecological system, promoting the economical and intensive utilization of natural resources, and improving the guiding role of green standards.

◆ Boost the standardization of urban and rural construction and social progress, covering rural revitalization, new urbanization, administration and social governance, public safety and public services.

◆ Promote the open and coordinated standardization development, such as establishing the standards system for Xiong'an New Area, the standardization initiative for coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and going global of "Hebei standards".

◆ Deepen standardization reform and innovation, including optimizing standards supply structure and standardization operation mechanism, exerting the leading role of standards in NQI, enhancing the application of standards, and strengthening the supervision and examination of standards development and implementation.

◆ Lay a solid standardization foundation in the areas of technologies, services, talents building and social environment for standardization.

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