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Plans for implementing the Outline - Chongqing municipality
China Standardization 2022-09-21

Chongqing municipality released the opinions on implementing the Outline on December 20, 2021, which aims to play the supporting role of standardization in establishing a modern city with strong economy, prosperous people, beautiful environment and thriving culture by 2025.

Targets in figures

· Participate in the development and revision of more than 10 international standards and over 500 national and sectoral standards, and release more than 500 local standards.

· Disclose over 10,000 enterprise standards through self-declaration, develop over 300 association standards, establish more than 50 standardization pilot and demonstration projects, set up more than 10 standardization technical committees at the municipal level, and strive to win 5 items of China Standards Innovation and Contribution Award.

Major tasks

◆ Promote the interactive development of standardization and technical innovation by improving the level of standards through technical innovation and driving the transformation of technical achievements into standards.

◆ Drive the high-quality development of intelligent manufacturing via standardization, including laying a solid foundation for standardization development in industries and advancing the standardization of big data intelligence.

◆ Reinforce the standardization of green development, including carbon peak and neutrality, ecological environment, and green production.

◆ Accelerate the standardization process of rural revitalization and social progress, such as administration and social governance and habitable places with high-quality life.

◆ Strengthen the standardization support of coordinated regional development, such as the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle, the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the "one metropolitan area and two town clusters" in Chongqing.

◆ Raise the openness of standardization, including deepening standardization communication and cooperation, and strengthening standards support in trade facilitation.

◆ Drive standardization reform and innovation, including optimizing standards supply structure, reinforcing standards application, and strengthening supervision of standards development and implementation.

◆ Consolidate the foundation of standardization development, including improving the technical support of standardization, vigorously developing standardization services, strengthening standardization personnel training, and creating good social environment for standardization.

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