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Plans for implementing the Outline - Shanghai municipality
China Standardization 2022-09-22

Shanghai municipality issued the action plan for standardization development on February 17, 2022, which is designed to establish a standards system that serves its high-quality development.

Targets in figures

· Develop and revise 60 international standards and 800 national standards with leading efforts, develop 50 Shanghai standards, undertake 30 national standardization pilot and demonstration projects, and win a greater number of awards in the China Standards Innovation and Contribution Award.

· Develop 30 standards for regional coordination of integrated high-quality development of the Yangtze River Delta, increase 200 registered experts in international standards organizations, and gain more international influence of standardization.

· Hold 5 more secretariats of international or national TCs/SCs, establish 30 new-type standardization bodies and a batch of standardization service bodies, and cultivate 1,000 standardization directors for enterprises.

Major tasks

◆ Promote the integration of standardization and technical innovation, including increasing standards research in key technical fields and facilitating the application of technical achievements with standardization.

◆ Accelerate the standardization for urban digital transformation, including reinforcing the development of fundamental standards for urban digital transformation and advancing the standardization development in the digital transformation of economy, life and governance.

◆ Facilitate the high-quality development of industries via standardization, such as three leading industries, six high-end industries (including electronic information, health, automobile, high-end equipment, advanced materials and fashionable consumer products), services and modern green agriculture.

◆ Improve the standards system of urban governance and public services, including urban governance, administration and public services.

◆ Strengthen the standardization of green and ecological development, including improving the standards system on ecological environment, energy conservation and low carbon.

◆ Push forward the coordinated governance and openness of standardization, including deepening the standardization of coordinated regional development and accelerating the institutional openness of standards.

◆ Deepen the reform and innovation of standardization system in the areas of "Shanghai standards", standards supply structure as well as standards implementation and supervision.

◆ Consolidate the foundation of standardization development, including the supporting role of standardization, standardization talent resources and good standardization environment.

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