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China's first smart super-charging station opens in Fujian
China Standardization 2022-11-14

With the goal of net zero to be realized by 2050, electric vehicles (EVs) become more and more popular, which are cleaner and more sustainable for a low-carbon future. However, there are mainly two barriers hampering the purchase of EVs, which are the few charging poles and the long wait for recharging.

Fortunately, the first standardized super-charging station came into operation in Ningde, Fujian province on October 17. With standardized design, it is China's first smart super-charging station integrating charging pole, energy storage, photovoltaic battery and battery inspection.

The super-charging station shortens the charging process, which only takes seven or eight minutes to regain a 200-kilometer drive, just like a normal refueling. "The super-charging station is an effective junction point of the coordinated development of new energy storage industry and the EV industry. It can solve issues including consumption and capacity expansion of clean energy, and inspect the batteries of EVs online while charging, and offer technical support for Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology," said Liu Zuobin, President of Fujian Nebula Software Technology Co., Ltd.

Developed by Fujian Nebula Software Technology Co., Ltd., Contemporary Nebula Technology Energy Co., Ltd., Ningde Dongqiao Investment and Construction of State-owned Assets Co., Ltd. and others, the main structural parts of the super-charging station can be prefabricated in factories, which accelerates production and assembly.

According to officers of Fujian Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the standardized designed super-charging station will be promoted in other cities, in order to further establish a greener, smarter and safer urban smart energy service network, build an urban complex of EVs and aftersales market of EVs, and facilitate the development of the EV industry in Fujian province.

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