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SAC/TC 604 on film set up in Beijing
China Standardization 2023-12-15

The founding ceremony and the first plenary meeting of SAC/TC 604, Film, was held on November 14 in Beijing, hosted by China Film Administration and organized by China Research Institute of Film Science & Technology.

Film is a universal form of culture, not only representing present specificity of the aesthetic, but also playing an important role in cross-cultural communication. The meeting marks a new chapter in the standardization of China’s film industry, which is of great significance to the high-quality development and constant prosperity of the film industry.

Consisting of 48 members, SAC/TC 604, is mainly responsible for the development and revision of national standards on film, corresponding to the work scope of ISO/TC 36, Cinematography.

Guo Huanxin, First-class Inspector of Standards Technical Management Department of SAMR, expressed warm congratulations to the founding of SAC/TC 604, which can help implement the National Standardization Development Outline and the Plan of China’s Film Development in the 14th FiveYear Plan Period. According to Guo, the committee should establish and improve the working system, focusing on the planning of the standards system and the development of important standards.

The film industry should accelerate the implementation of the film standardization strategy, strengthen the top-level design of the film standards system, and speed up the process of standards development and revision in key areas such as virtual filming, digital assets, and high-tech format films, said Mao Yu, Executive Vice Administrator of China Film Administration and Chair of SAC/TC 604.

This meeting caught great attention and received strong support from the State Film Administration and relevant organizations of the film industry, which was attended by many leaders from national departments and China’s film giants such as China Film Co., Ltd. and Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd.

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