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Sharing Economy Standardization Development Report 2023
China Standardization 2024-03-06

The sharing economy prospers in China due to people’s awareness of resource conservation, and it is often conducted on online platforms.

Recently, the Development Research Center of SAMR released the Sharing Economy Standardization Development Report 2023. The report pointed out that in 2023, the sharing economy overcame challenges and continued to grow. Leading the development of sharing economy by standardization has become a widely accepted consensus at home and abroad, and standardization activities have played a bigger role in guiding the development of sharing economy, which continues to support major strategies of China.

As the domestic counterpart of ISO/TC 324 on sharing economy, the Development Research Center of SAMR holds the secretariat of the SAC/TC 587 on sharing economy, and has released the sharing economy standardization development report for four consecutive years since 2020. Except from introducing the development status of China’s sharing economy, the report in 2023 focuses on analyzing the current progress of standardization work on sharing economy from both domestic and international perspectives, and predicts the future direction of standardization development, to better serve the high-quality development of sharing economy.

According to the report, 173 new Chinese standards for sharing economy were developed, with a year-on-year increase of 126%. The degree of social participation was significantly improved, and the standardization awareness of enterprises was further deepened, forming a government-led and market-driven pattern.

At the national level, one national standard for sharing economy has been released, with two under development, which plays an important role in catalyzing scientific and technological innovation, improving service quality to meet demands, supporting the construction of a unified national market, and achieving the goals of carbon peak and neutrality. At the international level, China has contributed to the development of one international standard with leading efforts, and submitted four proposals, joining hands with international pioneers of sharing economy.

In 2024, China will accelerate the integration of sharing economy and traditional industries, promote the construction of a modern industrial system, improve the capacity and level of industrial governance, jointly promote the institutional opening up of sharing economy, and promote the high-quality development of the industry.

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