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Intl academic symposium of ISO/TC 312 held in Beijing
China Standardization 2024-03-04

The international academic symposium of ISO/TC 312, Excellence in service, was held in Beijing on February 27, which was a part of the 11th plenary meeting of the committee. Directed by SAC, organized by China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS), and supported by China Association for Standardization (CAS) and China Civil Airports Association (CCAA), the symposium was attended by over 20,000 representatives in hybrid forms.

The event aims to promote the exchange of experiences in excellent service, so as to better exert the important role of standardization in promoting the development and improvement of excellent service at home and abroad. Regulators, experts and enterprise representatives in the field from China, Germany, Japan, Russia and other countries were invited to discuss the cutting-edge dynamics and development trends, in response to the global concern for standardization of excellent service.

Zhang Xiaogang, former President of ISO, Tao Xueliang, Director-General of the Policy and Regulation Department of National Government Offices Administration, Huang Li, Director of ISO Liaison Office of Standards Innovative Management Department of SAMR, Wang Ruiping, President of CCAA, and Luo Fangping, President of CNIS, addressed the symposium, which was moderated by Li Aixian, Vice President of CNIS.

As a common language, standards are the technical foundation of quality, and ISO plays a vital role in the development and implementation of international standards. Therefore, international standards for excellent service are the key to prompt social governance and industrial development, which China has contributed to, said Zhang Xiaogang.

In the new era, there are urgent requirements on standardization of excellent service. Standardization is of crucial significance to facilitate global service and trade, as well as promote the international level of excellent service. CNIS will strengthen the standardization of excellent service, innovation, digital technologies, talent cultivation, and other aspects, according to Luo Fangping.

Matthias Gouthier, Chair of ISO/TC 312, underlined that the core to implement excellent service strategies is to focus on customers and utilize digital operation.

The symposium offers an international platform where global experts shared their experiences and best practices, with joint efforts on international standardization work in this field.

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