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Beijing 2022: a sustainable event for all
China Standardization 2022-01-20

Sustainability is a key concern for the Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (Beijing 2022) to bring a "green, inclusive, open and clean" event for all.

Sustainable sourcing serves as a vital procedure of sustainability management for the Beijing Organising Committee. The Sustainable Sourcing Guide for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 and its accompanying regulation Sustainable Sourcing Code for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 were officially published on January 4, 2022.

These guiding documents were developed with the leading effort of the Modern Service Standardization Sub-institute of CNIS since 2017.

The Guide specifies the fundamental requirements of sustainable sourcing, such as goals, scope, principles, processes, inspections and training. Furthermore, the Code interprets the Guide and explains specific and practical operations.

Three aspects for sustainable sourcing are included in the Code. First, it clarifies five core steps, including argumentation of sourcing requirements, confirmation of sourcing projects, selection of contractors, management of contracts and evaluation & summary. Also, it defines specific requirements on inspection and supervision.

Second, combining instances, the Code details methods to implement what sustainability requires during the sourcing process, which is available for relevant staff to utilize.

Third, a letter of commitment on sustainability for contractors is presented in the Code.

According to the information delivered by the Beijing Organising Committee , its 779 contractors all signed the letter of commitment on sustainability. All contractors conform to the requirements for basic indicators on society, environment and economy. To be specific, 100% contractors accord with 14 or more (17 in total) social indicators; 66.7% accord with 8 or more (10 in total) environmental indicators; 76.2% accord with 3 or more (4 in total) economic indicators.

The Beijing Organising Committee has provided sustainability training for 1,563 contractors and arranged field visits to these enterprises.

Also, the Sub-institute has summarized the experience of the Beijing Organising Committee and included it into the national standard, Guidance on sustainable sourcing, which is about to be published soon.

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