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Shanghai publishes a plan for standardization development
China Standardization 2022-02-21

Known as the "Pearl of the East", Shanghai is famous for its prosperity, vitality, innovation and daring. And there is a reason for its qualities. By the end of 2021, Shanghai has led the development of 115 international standards and 4,039 national standards. Meanwhile, Shanghai has published 996 local standards, and won 115 project prizes of China Standard Innovation and Contribution Award, the highest national award in the standards field.

To further boost local development, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government published the Standardization Development Action Plan of Shanghai, a tailored guideline, on February 17.

The plan underlines the vital role of standardization in the field of technological innovation. Therefore, Shanghai requires that standard development should be included in the process of technological research and development.

Innovation is a crucial concern of Shanghai, which means optimizing the supply-side structure of standards, catalyzing the application of standards and providing more high-quality standards. Artificial intelligence, integrated circuit and bio-medicine are three leading industries driving  this city, along with other economical engines like electronic information, so the Plan sets the goal of developing a group of advanced standards in these areas.

People's happiness is another key concern of Shanghai. It is expounded in the Plan that Shanghai will implement the standardization construction of public services, such as elderly services and medical treatment. To satisfy people's demand for more perse and high-quality life, the municipal government will urge stakeholders to improve their services in the field of livelihood-related products, trade, tourism, etc.

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