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Regulations for mobile live broadcast are coming
China Standardization 2022-02-27

Short videos and live streaming are entangled with people's daily life all over the world. Short videos have replaced traditional long videos, with rapidly growing daily active users and app sessions.

Except for emerging platforms for short videos and live streams, more and more apps are integrating these functions to improve their service, in respond to the global trend. These new media forms are becoming mainstream of social activities, advertisements and online shopping, which have also become fundamental applications of mobile internet.

To better harness this emerging trend, the Video Experience Alliance (VEA) of the Zhongguancun Modern Information Consumer Application Industry Technology Alliance (INOCA) gathered relevant stakeholders to develop standards for the experience of short videos and live broadcasts. Indicators on qualities and relevant evaluation methods for mobile live streaming and short videos are under development.

The VEA will work with enterprises and stakeholders to find out a general framework for the industry, which will improve video experiences and benefit people's information consumption.

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