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Joint ITU-R SG6 – EBU Workshop
China Standardization 2023-02-21

March 9, Geneva, Switzerland

ITU published Report ITU-R BT.2299-3 “Broadcasting for public warning, disaster mitigation, and relief” in 2014. In the last 9 years since its publication, more crises happened both on the global level and regional level. Terrestrial broadcasting has played a role in mitigating the effects of these crises by providing reliable point-to-everywhere delivery of essential information and safety advice to the public, to first responders, and to others via widely available consumer fixed and mobile receivers. Looking to the future, 5G broadcasting systems are expected to be deployed so that critical information for public warning, disaster mitigation, and relief could be disseminated securely to IMT receiving terminals regardless of the status of IMT infrastructure.

Now that the question of the future of terrestrial broadcasting will be debated at WRC-23 under its agenda item 1.5 in November 2023, it is suitable to take stock of the situation and give an update about the important role of terrestrial broadcasting in times of crisis.

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